On January 1, 2000, The Firm Foundation was launched with the goal to assist ministry organizations around the world to understand how to use technology in more innovative and effective ways. In 2004, MinistryCraft.com was created to help churches with their website needs. For years, MInistryCraft.com was a self-service website provider where the ministry staff themselves would post their own content. But over time, we noticed that most ministries really struggled with their websites and despite the extensive training that was provided to the ever changing staff, their skill set often lacked the professional touch that was needed for their website to truly be an effective communication & marketing tool.
So in 2011 the next generation of MinistryCraft.com was released using our new model: Managed Websites Our professional staff manage your website content so you don't have to anymore. The response was overwhelmingly positive from clients that made the switch from self-service to Managed Content Services. The existing clients thanked us for taking on the management of their website allowing them to focus on other ministry related services. This was a decision that we have never regretted and if anything, we wish we had made this change years before.
Now, you can make the decision of "letting go" of trying to keep your website, fresh, current and professional looking. We will do that for you.
Our Mission
To assist each church or ministry staff in becoming better stewards of God-given resources.
Our Purpose
To assist, teach and train ministries to use modern technology to be more effective in ultimately carrying out the Great Commission.
Our values
  • The Authority of Scriptures
  • The Lordship of Christ
  • Integrity of our Work for Christ
  • Accountability to God for our Gifts and to Man for our Work
  • Worth of Individuals
  • Excellence
  • Flexibility
  • Innovation