• Custom Design - Each website we designed is planned and created with your ministry in mind. We purposefully design each website to have a unique flavor that reflects your ministry. A custom website is one of the most important pieces of your online presence in getting the most results from your marketing efforts. Our designers consistently bring fresh concepts and originality to their work. Perhaps you want redesign your current website or start with a fresh start on a new website, we strive to provide you with a professional website you and your staff are very proud to present to the world.
  • Responsive on any Device - Each website we design is planned and managed with the ability to look and feel just right on any platform. That platform may be a computer, a tablet, or a smartphone. A responsive web design is the approach that suggest that design and development should respond to the user’s behavior and environment based on screen size, platform and orientation.
  • Easy to Navigate - Each website we design will have a custom navigational system, also known as a website menu. A website visitor who struggles to find the information they are looking for quickly and easily is often apt to go find the information somewhere else. Your website visitor expects the information to be fresh, current and easily accessible.
  • Custom Designed Header - Each website has various elements that make up the website layout & design. Websites normally include elements such as headers (typically at the top of the website) used to identify the ministry’s name and perhaps logo. Other elements may include some form of footer, content area and various other elements that make the website just work. To personalize your website, we custom design your header and layout to fit your ministry’s needs for a website.
  • Custom Designed Images - One of our many services include custom designed images that are used throughout the website. Whether the image is being used to enhance the textual content of an article or the image is part of a image slideshow or image gallery, we can custom design it for you. It’s included in our services.
Content Management
  • Unlimited Pages - We don’t limit the number of pages on your website. We will create the pages that are necessary to make your website effective.
  • Blogs - If your staff wants to write/post to a blog, we have the technology installed to make that happen.
  • Embedded Video - If you have videos on your ministry’s YouTube channel or if your ministry provides live streaming services, we will embed or connect the videos to your website.
  • Sermons/Video - Audio - If your ministry records your services/sermons and you want to include them on your website, we will take care of that for you.
  • Password Protection - You may have pages that you want to password protect on your website, sure we can do that.
  • Member Login - Imagine having content on your website that only members have access to? As the need becomes necessary, you can provide access to member only areas of the website.
  • Slideshows - Dynamic slideshows are used on many websites to present content using a very visual method. Eye-catching, impactful imagery is often used as a way to point your website visitor to
  • Online Giving - Providing a method to your members to give to the ministry is an essential component of any ministry based website.
  • Contact & Registration Forms - Registering for events, paying for those events and getting notified via email of the event is a function that is expected on any website. Event registration provides the website owner a complete list that can be exported to a spreadsheet to have a complete list.
  • Image Galleries - Ministries take a lot of pictures from events and sharing those images on your website is always an option.
  • Calendars/Events - Keeping members updated on upcoming events is an essential element of any ministry based website.
  • e-Blasts / txt-Blasts- Communicating with members via email or txt messages is a great way to build website traffic (website visitors) and to keep site visitors updated on what’s going on.
  • Directories - For ministries that need to show a list of items, such as a list of churches in the association, your website can have it.
SEO Services
  • Google Analytics included in every new website - Google Analytics shows the statistics necessary to know how & when your website is visited.
  • Search Engine Submissions - We submit your new website to Google, Yahoo, Bing
  • Title Tags & Meta Descriptions - Still used in SEO website integration, this is used to let the search engines know more about your content.
  • Keyword Integration - Keywords describe your ministry and the various services you offer to your members and website visitors.
  • No Broken Links or Pages - We monitor and check regularly to make sure your website does not visit "dead" pages.
  • Optimized Content - We don't change your content, but we check to see if can be optimized for the web.