The Design that you want
ALL of our websites are custom designed. We will work closely with your staff from start to finish; from the design process through content management to create the website your need and want for your ministry. A website you will be proud to share with the world!
Content Management
Okay, THIS IS WHAT MAKES different than any other website provider. Our content management service assures you that your website will be up-to-date and looking great and all this occurs with absolutely no training or re-training your staff to update the website. We do all the work for you, REALLY! I tell people all the time that our service is special and once you experience it, you will wish you had started with a long time ago. So GET STARTED today.
Domain Registration and Protection
Each new website includes the initial year of domain registration (for your primary domain) and each subsequent years we work with you to make sure the domain never expires.
Email Setup and Management
We will setup your email for your staff (up to 50 email accounts are included). We prefer to use the Google Apps platform for email for our clients, however if you have existing email accounts, we can provide the necessary information to help you migrate your current email to the Google Apps platform or you can always just keep your existing email provider if you so desire.